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Love me less…..

You may have noticed that I have been gone for a little bit.  Well, I was a tad bit busy getting a new job, training my replacement and then trying to learn my new job in the last few weeks.  I have been super busy, running from work to home to work and making sure that I’m not missing anything. In times likes this it is usually the love and support of friends that get you through ….in this case, not so much.

See, my co-workers come from a long tradition where someone who is leaving gets pranked. Usually their vehicle gets the brunt of their love and affection.  It’s how they show their love for someone.

First they saran wrapped my car doors closed, with a few parking violations thrown in.  The plastic went all around my car, they didn’t half ass this by just dong the parts you could see.

Then for good measure they added more violations to the windshield.  See inside?  Yep, the inside of the car was hit too.

Clearly my guard pig was not doing his job, since the car was filled to the brim with package packing peanuts!  See the above picture to see just how full the car was with them!

The view from the back seat…

I just couldn’t stop giggling, which did not help the clean up process.

This was after about an hour of cleaning and that is when I started finding the hidden balloons in the car!  Fun times

Of course they didn’t forget the trunk, that would be silly!

After about 2 hours we had 6 trash bags full of packing peanuts.  Have you ever tried to clean up packing peanuts?  It is a lot harder than it may sound.


All that work let me get into the drivers side, where I had to unwrap the wheel, the rearview mirror and the parking break.

2 hours later, this is how my car looked from the drivers seat.


My husband was super pleased when I pulled into the garage with my car like this. While it was a pain to clean up, it was awesome driving home in it.  With the window cracked it was like living in a snow globe.  And if I was in an accident (cause I was in a snow globe) the peanuts would have cushioned the bow, right?

Regardless, I miss them terribly but know that we will all still see each other.  I just wish they loved me a bit less.


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