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This thing you called logic…what is that?

A few days ago, a crack group of bloggers got together for the purpose of making their blogs the best that they could be.  They promptly realized this group created an almost unholy alliance of ADD, creativity and opinions (so many opinions).  This consortium of evil geniuses is comprised of a theatrical adventurer (Me), a bibliophile  and a snarky wandering nerd  Any questions, comments or concerns should be forwarded to our Editor in Chief, Miss Bookish Girl. Unless they are related to our sanity or grasp of logic. In which case, check those at the door.

Much like the Twilight Zone, this is a dimension of imagination.  Realizing that their arguments and discussions could in fact, be part of the blog, they decided to occasionally post them.  If you see one of these posts, do not click away, do not adjust your monitor, you have just born witness to, Rejecting Logic!

 Sometimes adventures come in the form of spirited discussion.  Here is one of them…

Part 1 (maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh)

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