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Travel Advisory

New Rule: Beware traveling with Miss Bibliophile Girl!
You may have read our account of the Taxi ride from Hell (click here if you haven’t..I’ll wait)
We got on a shuttle bus with her back to her hotel during Comic Con and at it seemed fine.  We had been walking around for 4 days straight, so sitting in an air conditioned bus was lovely.  The doors close and we’re off.  But then something strange started to happen….the bus driver started talking.
Not talking in a tour guide “See the sights to the right” kind of way.  He was obviously having a conversation with someone in the front of the bus, but he was speaking into the announcement speaker for his side of the conversation, so everyone could hear him.  Here is what we heard:
“Yeah, San Diego has changed a lot…I remember off of  (muffled) street, there used to be lots of them.  I remember the strip clubs and one turned into a Playboy Club!”
“If you all know where you are supposed to be dropped off please let me know because they removed all the signs and I don’t remember all the stops”. (Oh so comforting to hear from your driver)
“ (chuckling) me too..”
“I’m super lucky…(muffled, muffled, muffled) I took a busload of people to LA.  And I took them to the Playboy mansion!”
“I totally bs’d my way in and I spent the evening hanging with the bunnies and I got  play in the Grotto!” (more chuckling)
“Hey, I’m making a turn for the first stop, but after that I don’t know where I am supposed to stop”.
Finally an official announcement: “ I am making the turn to the first stop”.
Followed by:” Here we are at the first stop, please exit here if you want to get off here”.
Everyone practically jumped out of their seats to get into the aisle.  All proper exiting the bus behavior that they teach in elementary school was forgotten in the desire to be off this buss with this skeevy guy. 
From now on I think I’ll just meet her places.

1 thought on “Travel Advisory

  1. Aaand, I'm a horrible follower. 🙂 In my defense, that was so not my fault. How was I supposed to know that we got on the bus with the skeeviest driver ever? I suspect that my travel karma with you is more of a combined karma thing than just me. None of this totally weird stuff happens to me when I travel without you.* Just sayin'. ;)*Okay, maybe Jason and I had a cab driver in Victoria, Canada who got lost as well. I still say it isn't my fault! 🙂

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