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I love Comic Con. What other time can you see people dressed as superheroes mingle with movie stars and it’s encouraged? It’s a place where you can see any interaction if you just look around. Which is how I came to witness this really awkwardone…..
I was at the Omni Hotel leaving a press event on a mid-levelfloor. The elevator opens and I walk in,to find a pretty blond woman in a pretty black dress standing next to the button panel. I realize that it is Anna Torv from the television show “Fringe”. I smiled and said, “Hello” as I do when I get into elevators with strangers, but left it at that.
As the doors were closing a guy jumps in and stands rightnext to her. He looks at her a moment and says really excitedly and loudly ,”You’re that girl!”
She had been looking at the floor and looks up and shyly smiled and said,” Yeah…”
He grins and says,” You’re from the show!”
“Um…yeah, that’s me”, she said.
“you’re …um…you’re that girl!”, he exclaims again followed by “What’s your name?”
She tells him her name and he says, “What’s that show you’re on?”
She answers him again and he says,” Yeah, you’re really good in that show……I mean, I don’t watch it…but the commercials are really good.”
A bit startled she say,” Oh, ok..thanks”. Because what can one say to an guy who all but wets himself meeting you and then he blurts out that he has no idea who you are or what show you’re on.
He moves a bit closer to her and she moves a bit further back.
“Are you doing a panel here?” He asked her as we got close to the lobby.
“Yes, I’m going there now,” she replied.
“Yeah, for that show….um, what’s its name again?”, he asked
She replies with the name of the show again and says to bothof us,” Are you media?”
I replied,” I’m a writer” and left it at that.
He says, “I’m a tech guy, I just push all the buttons. They usually don’t let me meet the talent very often.”
Yeah….. that is obvious

6 thoughts on “Awkward!!!

  1. No, I never take pictures of people just out and about. I save that or the media line. Besides the flash would have blinded us all in the elevator! 🙂

  2. LOL, Anna is kind enough to answer that guy's questions. She is shy with strangers though. I love the part where the guy moved closer to her and she moved back a little. HAHA! It's great to hear people sharing news about their encounter with Anna. Thanks for sharing!!! 😉

  3. If I were in the elevator I would have said something to him, made fun of him, anything to help Anna. I think she is great, which also results from what you told us from your encounter and unfortunately I think she kind of has to deal with stuff like this pretty often.

  4. She was incredibly nice, but it was only a five floor trip down to the lobby. It was quick, not alot of time to add anything to the conversation!

  5. I could imagine other actresses ignore such lame guy's stupid conversation. Poor Anna. She's a wonderful person. I would love to meet her. XD

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