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Made of Awesome

You know what I love? When something unexpected happens. And that was probably the best description of my day today. Here is a list of the things that happened that I could never have predicted:

I tried alligator – it was fried and tasted a lot like (everybody with me ) “Chicken”!

Went to the theatre and got a pair of welding goggles (who doesn’t?)

Taught complete strangers how to do the “Time Warp” and then made them do it in front of the theatre

I met Dr. Horrible and got my hands on some Wonderflonium

Found the Top Secret Headquarters of the Evil League of Evil

I met a cute young guy who took me up to the rooftop party in a deathtrap of an elevator (I swore it was going to take us into the Twilight Zone like the Tower of Terror)

By the time we got to the roof I decided I loved him because:

He likes theatre

He loves Star Wars

He referenced the “Three Amigos” and “The Three Cabarellos”

He was a math/astrophysics major

He thought I was 26 ( I won’t lie, this gave him major points)

So I did the only normal thing, in the middle of the after party I got down on one knee and proposed to him (FYI: he said “yes” and I did tell him I was currently married)

We figured if we get married in a different state then it’ll be ok, right?

All in all, today was made of awesome…and to think, I have 4 more days of adventure coming up this week!

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