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Let them eat cake!

This week has been an absurd week of everything going wrong, every piece of technology I touched breaking down, multiple people quitting in one day and more drama than you could get if you pitted a bunch of tween Twilight Fans versus…well anyone who reads good books.

At the end of the night Friday (which in a quick recap involved training a new person, 2 weddings – which are drama in their own right, missing confirmations, every employee at one location not doing their job correctly, lost caterers, a frantic bride, a groom tossed into the pool and more broken technology) while I sat at a property, in a moment of rare quiet, someone from one of the weddings brought me a piece of cake. Which was incredibly nice of them and very sweet and appreciated after my day.

See the picture of the piece of cake? What could be wrong with this picture?

Could it be the chopsticks???

I have no idea how to eat cake with chopsticks, so I am going to try. I am good with chop sticks usually, how hard could this be, right? (it should be noted that they apparently ran out of forks and only had chopsticks, so this experiment was being run by many others at the same time as mine was)

Attempt #1 Cake crumbles upon grabbing with the chopsticks. Must try it more gently next time

Attempt #2 Now too gentle and cannot get any cake to stay between the chopsticks

Attempt #3 Aha! Perfect tension has been achieved …then Fail! Cake almost got to my mouth before gravity made it fall down into my cleavage

While attempting to clean cake from my cleavage the brides father came over to ask me a question….awkward

Attempt #4 managed to get some of the filling onto the chopsticks and attempting to get the cake to stick to the filling – not working

Attempt #5 took a piece from the frosted side in hopes it was sticky enough for the cake to not need to much pressure to stay in the chopsticks

I am short and sitting at a desk…why is this distance so hard for the chopsticks to navigate?

Attempt #6 got a full layer of the cake, but just cake. Frosting and filling decided to not come along on this try

Attempt #7 trying to get a complete bite of cake containing all elements, cake frosting and filling… the cake crumbled as the filling dripped in plops on the desk and my shirt, the frosting held on tight before making a dive for it
Attempt #8 this is a silly way to eat cake

Huh, turns out this is not the best method for eating cake

2 thoughts on “Let them eat cake!

  1. After the week you had, I admire that you were patient enough to get past attempt #2. If it was me…I would have thought "the hell with it" and eaten it with my bare hands. I'm dainty that way.Nice pull on the Twilight comparison. 🙂

  2. It's funny to me that the two comments I received about this so far are about the Twilight line. I just seemed so natural to write! Glad people like it 🙂 I

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