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How’s that first date going?

One adventure that I am happily no longer a part of is the dating world. Which I don’t think I was ever good at to begin with, but I think I was better than this guy.

I overheard this in the lobby of a theatre while waiting for the doors to open. The couple was behind me and they were standing awkwardly next to each other, very aware of their personal space and close they are to each other and all dressed up with nowhere to go (until the theatre doors opened).

Guy: “I want to join the Peace Corps and die in Uganda”

Girl: “….wow? That’s…..ambitious.”

Nervous silence for a moment

Girl: “Do you go to school here?” (UCSD)

Guy: “Yeah, I’ve been going to school here for a bit and never realized this theatre was here.”

Girl: “Really? I love this theatre since it’s on campus. I try to come as much as I can.”

Guy: “I never really made it past the playground”.

At this point the conversation stopped, the girl took another step away from the guy and the theatre doors opened. After the show I noticed the girl walking away from the theatre by herself. Maybe she didn’t want to go to the playground with him?

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