Challenge Accepted!


I did it again

I said “yes” before getting all the info

I am doing the San Diego Fiji Water Scavenger Hunt! It sounds awesome, intriguing and scary all at the same time! For three hours my friend and I will be running around San Diego, participating in all sorts of crazy challenges all over the city!

What in the world will I be doing? No Idea

But here is how it worked in Chicago:
Up to 50 teams of two persons each will comb historic downtown Chicago looking for clues. (substitute in San Diego)

Each team will give themselves a team name and team profile. (we are the Comic Conzees – follow us on Twitter!)

Teams will be kayaking for a specific segment of their clue list! (No Kayaking in this event, thank goodness)

Teams will earn extra points for using social media in entertaining and creative ways.

Other than this brief bit of information, we are left to discover as the hunt unfolds!

So follow us on Twitter @sdtheaternews and @sdatlarge and wait for the crazy to begin….

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