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Deep in the heart of Texas

You all remember Julie from the highly entertaining guest post on this blog titled Who knew that a job hunt would be so… entertaining??

Well, she has gone on another adventure this time to the great state of Texas and she has put pen to paper to tell us about the first few days of her journey.

Do you think she’ll find the bicycle in the basement of the Alamo while she’s there?

You are now entering Texas….

I decided to take a road trip to see family and friends all throughout the US. I packed my suit case, bought a cooler, grabbed my dog and headed out for my first stop Texas… Here are a few ways you know you are either entering or IN the most “interesting” RED state of them all:

1. I passed a giant billboard saying “Miss Me Yet?” next to it is a picture of George W. Bush. (No Comment).

I’ll comment “Hell No”

2. A man walking through the motel parking lot, no big deal.. A man walking through the motel parking lot at 9 pm without a shirt on but who would notice since he’s soooo white it looks like he’s still wearing a tee-shirt. (No Comment).

3. Day three of my trip, day two in TX, I’m listening to a local morning radio show as I get on the road at 8:30 am. As I pull onto the highway I hear the group of radio personalities discussing potato salad recipes (EWWWW), one person talks about adding bacon the other mentions adding both bacon and ham (HELLO people it’s not even lunch time!!!) Then she says.. “If anyone has more Wedding Recipes give us a call to share.” (No Comment).

Every girl’s dream wedding is one that features various types of potato salad

4. I passed by a car on the side of the freeway today, pulled over by highway patrol lights flashing and all. At first I thought it was because of their bumper sticker but several minutes later the car speed past me in the passing lane. Ohh yeah the bumper sticker it said “I heart CATS”. (No Comment).

5. They put chili con carne on everything, and then they call it Mexican Food. (I have heartburn, forgot to pack the antacid).

That is not Mexican food, that is just….horrid

As you can imagine I’m a little concerned by my experiences over the last 36 hours as only a year ago I was planning to move to Texas. As I will be here for several more days, I guess I should not bank on meeting the love of my life in TX and swept off my feet as I don’t miss him, I make it a habit to always wear a shirt in public, and WILL NOT ever serve potato salad at my wedding!!! Only 4th of July BBQ’s please…

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