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Stalking is the sincerest form of flattery….right?

So I went to a comic book convention in San Francisco this weekend and it was super fun. I went with some friends, but as is the nature of these types of conventions, we all went off and did our own things that pertained to our own interests. So off I went to a panel that was a discussion on science fiction shows and was being led by an actor from a very popular show on the SyFy cahnnel.

The discussion was interesting and the actor was a really good host and an engaging speaker (which one cannot always say about actors, sometimes they just sit there and do….nothing)

As the discussion ended I went up to approach this actor and see if I could speak with him about his process of choosing roles and I got in the line of people who wanted to speak to him. People got in line behind me and so on. As I got closer to speaking with him the guy behind me started talking to me.

“Are you a fan of the show?”, he asked.

I was so tempted to ask him why I would be at this panel otherwise, but decided that was a bad plan and just said, “yes”.

His causes him to launch into a monologue on the show, its origins, what he liked, disliked, etc… about the show. I politely nodded as he spoke and kept my eye out on the front of the line. As I got to the actor in question the guy behind me asked if I could take his picture with the actor. I said sure and took his camera.

I got the chance to speak with the actor and he told me to come down and see him at his booth and I could ask him more questions there. I said great and then the guy behind me stepped in to take his picture. I took the picture and then handed the camera back to the guy and walked off.

All of a sudden from behind me I hear “ My hair was kind of messy in that picture with him”.

Startled I turned around and see the guy from the line. Not knowing how to respond I just smiled and kept walking. He followed,” Hey, since you’re going to see him again can I get my picture with him again?”

“I’m not sure”, I said, “He said he was going to be on the floor, he may charge for pictures there”.

Undeterred the guy says, “Well, I’ll follow you and we’ll see”.

“I’m sorry, but I am meeting friends here before I go to the floor,” I said, “But good luck”. And turned a corner and started walking a bit faster towards the floor and amongst the tables.

As I walked the floor, a bit lost, I kept consulting my map about where I should go. I wandered for about a half hour when I hear a voice ask,” Where are your friends?”

I turned around and there was the guy from the line. “Um, hi” I said trying not to be too concerned that in this entire giant people filled floor, he found me,” I am looking for them right now”.

“I can help you find them”.

“No, thanks. But I appreciate the offer”, I put my map away and then said,” bye!” and scurried off, darting between tables, in and out of rows and am literally crisscrossing my way across the floor. The whole time this guy was right behind me, chattering away inanely about his name, the origin of his name, his favorite characters, his theories on politics, comics, sci-fi and travel. He told me that he thought I should visit northern California more and that he lives up here. After about 20 minutes of trying to get rid of him and failing.

At this point I stop and say,” I wish I could visit more, but my husband doesn’t like me to travel alone in case I meet some strange stalker type people”. I make a point to adjust my bags strap on my shoulder while flashing my wedding ring and wait for him to leave.

No dice

“That’s a good idea, there are a lot of strange people around here. I’ll be happy to accompany you all weekend, just in case.”

“No thanks, I’m here with friends…of my husbands…who I’m here with. So …thanks”, I say.

At this point I have literally spent an hour trying to lose this guy! He keeps popping up. Every time I thought I lost him, there he was!

Finally I was able to get ahold of my friends and duck into the panel they were in, just to get a break. Near the end of that panel I cautiously snuck out the door, looking around for any familiar yet overly friendly faces.

Whew, not there.

I go upstairs, I go into another panel, I sit down and wait for it to start. A moment later I hear “I’m so glad I found you!” from over my shoulder. I almost jumped out of my skin.

Slowly I turn around…and there is this guy.

So I did what everyone would do in this situation, I went to the women’s restroom and waited an inordinately long time before coming out. Luckily I didn’t see him for the rest of the day.

2 more days to go….hopefully they won’t all be spent in the restroom

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