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Public Speaking Pointers…courtesy of pageant girls

Pageants are interesting things to witness, the pointless walking in casual wear, the telling people about you in the most glowing terms possible and answering the questions in a way that you think people will want to hear.

Here are some things to keep in mind when doing any kind of public speaking anywhere you go:

Enunciation counts

During one question and answering session one of the girls was halfway through her answer on volunteering when she decided to change it up with the word philanthropic…which totally would have worked except that these were the words she said instead (some are spelled phonetically since they are not, to my knowledge, words)





Get organized or just memorize the damn thing

A one point a girl had some papers for her speech. Except when she turned the page she seamlessly went into the middle of another sentence, which was in no way related to the sentence she had started. More puzzling was the fact that she didn’t seem to notice she had stopped making sense

Make sure you know what you’re saying

At one point the girls had to pull a question out and answer it on the spot. The question was about her future goals.

Her answer was that she “wanted to become a pharmacist and travel to third world countries “(good so far, yes?) “and study their medicines so they can help us with our medicine. After departing the third world countries the world of pharmacy will be revolutionized by what is brought back from the third world countries! “

Well, I love the ambition but I’m not sure the people of the third world countries will be so keen on helping the US develop new medicines when they are having issues getting food on a regular basis and all….. Also, don’t say the same thing (here “third world countries”) over and over again….we got the point

Hopefully these points have helped you in case you want to go into public speaking, or even just give a presentation at your work.

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  1. I'd like to thank you for the tips, I was considering the career of public speaking however since I do believe that a fife-en-got-it is absolutely a proper word, I will have to stay busy training my clapping dolphins.

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