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According to the zoo animals, I like butts…

I recently went to the zoo with my cousin. I happen to live in a place known for a world famous zoo and it had been many years since I had last visited. I was pleasantly surprised to see wonderful new exhibits, beautiful animals and walk over many walking trails.

Also, the walking trails? Now that you’ve spent all this money on the exhibits lets spend some money on updating the map…it was less than clear. We kept ending up in the same spot (conveniently located at the bottom of a very steep hill) and no matter what trail we took we kept ending up in the damn area.

Anyways…. I was also surprised to learn that animals now have decided that I am no longer able to see them from the front. I am now only allowed to see the animals butts…

Exhibit A: This animal apparently was rescued from smugglers that were trying to bring it in to America. First rule it learned at the zoo?

Exhibit B: This zoo has amazing flamingos at the entrance as a grand welcome. I walked up to see them and this is what I saw….now I feel welcome

Exhibit C: In the aviary this bird was proudly wandering around amongst people and then it saw me and did this….

Exhibit D: Was there a memo that went out as I walked around the zoo?

Exhibit E: Two for one a horse and a donkey, I am a lucky girl!Exhibit F: Elephants never forget? Neither do I! See if I ever recommend the zoo to anyone else ever again!The only animal that would face me? This zen little wallaby

But even he had a warning for me:

1 thought on “According to the zoo animals, I like butts…

  1. Speaking of butts…This poem has been brought to you with Inspiration from the zoo Oh my godErinMarie, look at that buttIt’s so big, and furry It’s looks like one of those donkey’s girlfriendsWho understands those donkeysThey only flash to her because she looks like a total lizzardI mean that buttIt's just so big and fluffyI can't believe it's so roundIt's just out thereI mean, it's fuzzyLook, she's just such an assI like big butts and I can not lieYou other lizzards can't denyThat when a donkey walks in with an itty bitty waistAnd a round thing in your faceYou get sprungWanna pull up toughCuz you notice that butt was fluffedDeep in the jungle he’s hiding I'm hooked and I can't stop staringOh, baby I wanna get with ya And take your pictureMy friends tried to warn meBut that butt you gotMake Me so horneyOoh, rump of smooth skinYou say you wanna get in my cameraWell use me use me cuz you aint that average lizzardI've seen them dancin' To hell with romancin'She's Sweat, Scalley, got it goin like a dinosaur

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