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Tell Me on a Sunday: whats your Favorite show?

Even if people don’t go to see live performance very often, there is usually one show that can get them to come out to the theatre. I want to know, what is that show for you?

Is there a show that you love? Where the songs run through your head, and you’re happy to hum along? Is there a show that you want to see every time you encounter it? If so, what is it about the show that you love? Is it there a moment in the plot or a song that you can’t wait to watch over and over again?

Personally I love shows, hence the blog and all, but I would have to say that my favorite show of all time is….no idea. Is that a cop out? I’m not sure, you judge. I see a lot of shows and a lot of times the last show that I saw is my favorite show. The show I last saw was Jane Austen’s Emma: A Musical Romantic Comedy at The Old Globe. I love it, I’ve seen it three times and have hummed a different song everyday. The show before that was Limelight: The Story of Charlie Chaplin at the La Jolla Playhouse. I also saw that three times and sang many of the songs until people wanted to beat me.

Ok, maybe if you made me I would say that my favorite shows (according to my husband) is Jersey Boys or The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Jersey Boys is such a spectacular show, from the sets, the songs, the choreography to the lighting, it is a phenomenal show. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is a clever show about kids who all have their own reasons for wanting to win. The songs are fun, upbeat and I swear, no matter if I’m seeing it again for the 17th time, I love it!

Tell me in your comments what your favorite show is and what about it you love. Everyone is looking for something different in a show and a live performance, what about your favorite show captivates you?

Tell me on a Sunday is a regular chat feature which will come out on (you guessed it) Sundays. While this is really late on Sunday, it is definitely Sunday so this one counts! Thanks to Bibliophile Girl for the amazing graphics (check her out will you? click here) isn’t it perfect?!?

2 thoughts on “Tell Me on a Sunday: whats your Favorite show?

  1. I haven't been to many shows, but I did love The Lion King. I would also probably love Mary Poppins since that is one of my favorite movies. Non-acting-ish shows I loved Stomp and Cirque du Soleil (I can't remember which one it was…like jungle fantasy or something like that). I've pretty much loved every show I've been to which isn't many. 😛

  2. As you know, it's pretty impossible for me to pick a "favorite show", so I'll name a few and why they hold a special place for me:1. "Crazy for You" – This was the first show that I saw on Broadway. I saw it when I was on a trip to NYC with my high school as a Junior. 2. "Rent" – Because I always think of us belting out pretty much any song from this in the car during that first semester of college.3. "Damn Yankees" – Because this was the first "professional" show that I worked on. I loved every minute of it.4. "Grease" – Because I've worked on two productions of this, and seen the stage show and the movie about a zillion times. That music is just so damn catchy.5. "Music Man" – Because this was the very first show I worked on. Whether I like it or not, it's always with me. 🙂

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