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Work is awesome

This has ben an interesting (read: difficult) week at work, with most of my job involving putting out fires that other people had started. The, at the end of the day on Friday someone no call/ no showed to work and I had to go work their shift. Then I had to go to another property to fix something that again, wasn’t my fault. But, even if I was working the weekend I did find some of the things that happened highly entertaining.

At one point, while working in a very high-end condo, around 10:30pm this flashy and obnoxious guy came in with two gorgeous young scantily clad girls (I am assuming he has scads of money). As they walked through I noticed one of the girls was walking a few steps behind them and talking very loudly on the phone. Thats when I realized that she was having phone sex with someone as she walked through the lobby and waited for the elevator with her companions.

Really? This was the best time and place for this? As she strolled the streets of Downtown San Diego to get to someone’s house and into a lobby of a residential condo, she thought you know what I should do? I should call someone and have phone sex! I guess so, cause she was in the middle of the conversation and was still going strong when she entered the elevator with her friends and other residents that were in the elevator as it opened. I had to try very hard not to laugh as I tried to help the gentleman she was with because of all the ridiculous things she was saying. Highly amusing!

Soon after that a man came in and asked for directions. I gave him directions to the hotel he was looking for when he turned a bit away from the desk and started fiddling with his pants….a lot!

He then looked at me and told me he was having problems “adjusting his pants”.


I told him he could adjust to his hearts content at the hotel he was going staying at but that this lobby was not the right place for that.

Fast forward to the next day (today) where I had to go to a different property to pick something up from an employee. This employee is very chatty and very sweet. But often I find that when I see this person they tell me about incidents with residents that should be reported. I asked why these incidents weren’t being put in the log consistently and their response?

Well, apparently they are “psychic” and can sense when things are about to happen or if bad thing happen to people. They don’t like writing down bad incidents on paper and sending them to us like procedure states, because that is putting the incident out there into the universe and encouraging the “bad energy” to happen again.

Since I have to work yet another full shift at a property in Sunday, I can’t wait to see if that may also bring more pants adjusting or phone sex. If only I knew someone who was psychic that could tell me……

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