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I went to dinner with a friend as a Mexican restaurant the other night. We meet about once a month to get together and catch up and usually everything goes extremely normally, like a regular night out that everyone expects.

What I should have counted on was that after so many nice, quiet and normal dinners, one of our dinners had to go off the rails.

We arrive and are seated and so far so good. We order our drinks and start talking about work, books, whatever…..and then the music starts. It’s like a karaoke/dance club moved in across the lobby. There I a dj announcing songs and trying o scratch and mix like he knows what he’s doing.
The lights are flashing, and bleeding across the hostess stand over to our table. Scantily clad people are pouring in like it is the hottest ticket in town , I had no idea 99 cent tacos were such a big draw.

After watching every one come in we decide to ignore what’s going on over there and focus on our conversation. A few minutes in out of the corner of my eye I notice a person standing near our table. Thinking he might be part of the wait staff I keep talking. A moment later the figure has inched closer, and then closer, and then we hear “Hello, would you like a balloon animal?”

Um…what? I am at a Mexican restaurant with a club attached to it and they also have a balloon animal maker wandering around? Since we are both adult women and have no children with us apparently we looked like we needed balloon animals. We politely decline and he then starts offering us a few more options.

“Want to hear some funny jokes?”, he asked.


“Sure you don’t want a balloon animal?”


Finally he departed from the table only to be replaced with a random woman handing us a flier for her R&B band that performs on Saturdays.

“We’re the best band playing R&B here on Saturdays”

“Are you the only one?,” I asked


“Check please”.

This is the most entrepreneurial chain Mexican restaurant in the history of chain Mexican restaurants.

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