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Another one?

I know what you’re thinking….doesn’t she have that other blog? (See the blog list under, Escapades, Epic Em’s) Does she need another blog? What more could she possibly have to say?

Quite a lot really

I have a theatre problem. I love it and go see it and drag various people to it all the time. Although to preserve my marriage my husband is not one of the dragged. And while I write as the San Diego Theater Examiner (please see again the blog list) that is in a much more “official” capacity that doesn’t really seem the place for any snarky comments I may have on the subject. Which brings me to this blog.

I want to say a big thank you to Bibliophile Girl, my unofficial sister blog, who you should totally check out (again, see blog list under Girl, Bibliophile). Without her tech help these blogs would never have come into existence (so please send any complaints her way).

This blog will be full of fabulosity and fun, but if you don’t think it is kindly keep your comments to yourself ☺

2 thoughts on “Another one?

  1. For someone who will shortly be trusting me to make this space cohesive and beee-yooo-teee-fuull…you might want to play nice for the next 24hrs. 🙂 I will shamelessly promote the crap out of this blog to my own minions, and I wait with bated breath for your next entry. 😉

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