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I have problem…..

Much like how this blog got started, I seem to have a problem saying “no”. This happens to me a lot.

For instance when challenged to write a blog about the dumb things I do and that happen to me, instead of saying “no” as I should have, I now have a blog.

Instead of saying “no” to getting talked into going to a funeral for someone so I could sing in their sted, I went and sang.

So today you find me signing up for the “Graphic Novel Reading Challenge” – solely because someone said it might be a good idea.

So this challenge is to start reading and reviewing graphic novels, something that I have not had much experience with before. When I asked what level I should do I was told “Expert”.

So, occasionally if you see something linking to a random graphic novel know that it is indeed connected to this blog. And my inability to say one simple word……

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