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Wardrobe Malfunction

I have a satin blouse that I love, but I never wear it. So when I picked it out of the closet today I thought “Why don’t I wear this more?” and put it on. It wasn’t until I got far enough away from the house to not be able to go back and change that I remembered, this blouse likes to pop open and I never seem to notice when it does.

So here is a list of places or people that saw my boobs over the last day:

The bagel shops employees and patrons (it was full of people)
The board (5 men) at one of my client buildings, my boss and the building manager
The front desk at another building and all residents in the lobby
The front desk at another building and the security and residents in the lobby
At a different buildings holiday party full of residents
Smart and Final
The Post Office
Target in the women’s department, in the book section and at the checkout stand (I bought a sweater to wear over the shirt)

Sadly, since I never can tell when the blouse pops open I end up flashing the world for an indeterminate amount of time.

Odds are I’m going to forget it does this and a wear it out again sometime….

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