I’m weird, but so is he

Many words have been used to describe the randomly wacky relationship that is my marriage. Crazy, silly, and whimsical even have been bantered around. But I think nothing describes it as much as this interaction.

I was all jacked up on musical theatre geekiness after watching Glee for the second time in one night (and this episode was full of awesome musical theatre songs!) and it was well after midnight when my husband turned to me and said,” You need to go to bed or else you’ll never get up in the morning” (So true).

So I get off the couch and get my cell phone from the table. As I walk towards to the stairs my husband says,” So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night.”

Immediately I burst into “The sun has gone to bed and so must I” as I do a weird approximation of the dance from the movie on my tip toes and sing “do da da loot loot do do do do”.

As he cracks up I finish the lyric,” So long farewell, auf wiedersehen goodniiiiiiiight”.

I then dance off up the stairs while humming the song. All my husband says is” I love you!”

I think this is a key to our marriage; he simultaneously loves me and ignores me.

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