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Who said I don’t follow directions?

Did you know that my super cool high tech phone does more than make calls and let me tweet stuff?
Apparently it has a GPS/directions application that will help guide you to wherever you want to go. In my case, a freeway….

I left a theatre located up near San Diego State University and turned right onto El Cajon Blvd. I remember that there is a freeway exit this way and off I go. Hey, there’s the car dealership on the left hand side that I knew was coming up! The freeway should be somewhere on the left hand side in a few blocks. I totally know where I am, yay me!

So what do I do? I decide to turn right. (It made sense to me at the time)

Now I am deep in a neighborhood, and it is dark. Was that a school I just passed? And a park? I have no idea this was all out there…. I guess I never wandered over here when I went to school out here.

Um….where am I now? I do not see anything remotely familiar…

Aha! A street I know! I think the nearest freeway exit is a right turn from here, so I do the only logical thing.

I turned left.

I’m passing bars full of kids trying to get in, and all matters of shops that are closed. The street is dark, but I am also pretty sure that if I keep going I will hit a freeway somewhere.

At a red light I pull out my phone. I remember having some sort of map/directions application on here. Ah ha! Here it is!
I type in my home address and wait for it to find my location.

The light turns green and I see that my directions tell me to find Spring Street. I keep driving and see Spring Street pass me by. I wave as I sail right by it.

Now the directions tell me to continue on to find Baltimore Dr. What is that shiny thing? Did I read that sign correctly?

Was that Baltimore Dr I just drove right by? Huh, I think I was supposed to turn or something here. I decide to keep going on the street I’m on and refresh my directions.

I see that my GPS is very angry at me, as it keeps popping up dots where I am. Since I keep moving dots keep popping up all over the map.

A green light turns and I decide to keep going. Is that a Baskin Robbins? I didn’t know that there was one here.

Is that a freeway ramp I see in the distance? if I keep driving in what looks like the direction of the freeway I see I know I will find a freeway eventually.

Another red light and I hit refresh again. The GPS says a big “F U” to me and turns itself off. If I want directions I have to reenter all the information.

Fine! I’ll go to this mysterious freeway exit I am sure that I am heading towards.

Eventually I find the freeway exit. Apparently I have traveled way east and towards the wrong freeway altogether from where I had intended to go.

I got home eventually. Probably a half hour later than I should have gotten home.

I don’t understand why people say I don’t take direction well……

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