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Jury Duty: Part 2

The nice jury duty lady steps back up to the microphone to say, “While we wait for word from the courts feel free to read a book or use your computer. I will be turning on the television behind me in a moment for you all to watch. I will be turning on to the History Channel. Before I turn it on here are the rules for the jury lounge television”

There are rules? This reminds me of my house. Number one TV rule issued to me by my husband? Under pain of death, I am not allowed to push any buttons on the remote other than on, off, channel and volume.

“The following are the jury lounge television rules.

The television must stay on the History channel for the first hour it is on.

After that you may change the channel, but you are not allowed to watch any of the following:
No Soap Operas
No telenovelas
No talk shows
No infomercials
Nothing offensive to anyone (Really? Does anything exist that doesn’t offend anyone?)

If you want to adjust the volume please approach the desk and speak with us.”

Nice jury lady you have just disqualified anything we could watch at 10am on a weekday. I think it would have been easier to leave it with one rule: You can only watch the History Channel in the jury lounge.

See, much simpler!

Next in the continuing journey of jury duty: I get called into a small room for questioning!

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