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Just call me Cullen

I spent a lot of time in the sun today…for me. There was a fair amount of driving and waiting outside today as I ran errands and I was in the sun quite a bit. Granted I have a hat (I pay a lot for that hair color, I can’t let it fade) and sunglasses (squinting makes me look funny) but I’m in the sun. So when I went to run my last errand I was amazed at the color that I had acquired. I even had freckles across the bridge of my nose!

So I walk into the store (sans my hat and glasses) and I was looking for something when this lady walks up to me. She was holding a couple of different bottles in her hands was gesturing to me.

Motioning to the bottles in her hands she asked, “What can you tell me about these?”

I smiled and shook my head, “I don’t work here, and I don’t know specifics about the products”.

She smiled back and said,” No, can you tell me which one you like?”

I look down and see that she is holding two bottles of sunscreen. One was SPF 4 and one was SPF 8. I said,” I don’t use these particular lotions but the higher the number the more UV rays it blocks.”

She looks down at her skin, which was a beautiful even tan, and said,” I don’t want to get any more color.” She then smiled again and walked away.

A moment later she comes back and has a different bottle in her hand. “Is this the one you use?”

She smiled again, “I thought you would know. You look like someone who would be in one of the Twilight movies”.

I look at the sunscreen in her hand again and then back to my skin color. Apparently I am so pale people think I am using SPF 70 and could work as a vampire.

I smiled and said,” Sure, that’s what I use”.

You know what’s the saddest thing about her assessment of me? I really am much tanner then I have been in years!

1 thought on “Just call me Cullen

  1. Take heart, you can only be Cullen if you are a sparkly emo vampire. Clearly, this lady mistook your freckles for sparkles, and doesn't know what "emo" means. 🙂

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