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Cornered by Celebrity Cunning

So having just finished the comic fueled four day sprint that is Comic-Con, I had the chance to see many interesting things. But there was one person that I never expected to see that I found fascinating to watch.

This person is famous for many things, but most notably for driving a talking car and for running down the beach in a pair of red lifeguard shorts. He has had his fair share of bad press lately, but apparently this has not shaken his core belief in himself. He had the most fascinating way of making people notice him and end up coming over to him, even if they didn’t want to actually meet him.

Step one:
Speak really really loudly with a lot of large arm gestures. This draws the attention of people that are walking by.

Step two:
When he saw that someone had looked over in his general direction, he would smile and say,” It’s ok, come on over!”

At this point the poor baffled person would shake their head and try to gesture that they weren’t going to come over. This causes him to say quite loudly to draw more attention, “No, it’s fine come on over.”

Being cornered by his loudly exclaimed enthusiasm, and not wanting to draw more attention to themselves the people go over to him.

Step three:
He then says,” You can take a picture with me, I’d love too.”
The people say that it’s alright and try to extricate themselves from his grasp. But the celebrity then says,“ Here, she can take our picture”.
Out of no where an assistant jumps out and smiles, so the people give her their camera to not cause more of a scene.
They pose and take the picture, the celebrity smiling and the people quizzically wondering how they ended up taking a picture they didn’t want with a celebrity they didn’t even want to meet in the first place.

I saw this happen a lot! This guy has this down to a science and people were helpless to resist the celebrity cunning.

Also, I heard him complaining to someone about going to a local beach. I missed the beginning of the conversation but this is what I overheard:

“The beaches here are beautiful, but can you believe this? They kicked me off the beach! ME! They kicked me off the beach!”

No response from the people he was speaking with.

“Me?!?! Kick me off the beach? I mean, come on!”

“Why did they kick you off the beach?” someone in the group finally asked. (I would have asked but that wold have been admitting I was eavesdropping and I was afraid to get sucked in the picture trap with him)

“Because I had the dog, but still…come on! You can’t kick me off the beach! I’d save the dog if I had too!”

So, I’d like to point out that you’re only supposed to have dogs at Dog beaches in California. I doubt the lifeguards were concerned with their ability to rescue a dog if it were drowning…..

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