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The children are our future…..

So I stepped into the elevator in a parking garage on my way to the theater with some women already in it on the way down to the street level. To see a show that includes full frontal puppet nudity and songs called “Everyone’s a little bit Racist” and “If you were Gay”. It’s safe to say that it is not appropriate for children.

As I happily play with my cell phone this is the conversation I hear:
“I am so glad that we got such a good price on these tickets!”
“I know, but I’m sad because I won’t qualify for these prices anymore.” the other said with an exaggerated sad shrug.
“Thats ok”, the other girl replied while laying comforting hands on her friends shoulders,”Cause I qualify for the ticket prices for the next year.”
“I know, but I’m so old!”, the other girl wailed,” I’m almost 18!”
The other girl looked pained at the mere mention of this incredibly old number. Drawing a bracing breath she turns to her much older, almost 18 year old friend and says,” We may be old, but we’re really smart and we’ll be ok”.
We stop at another floor and another person gets on. The scenery must have looked different than what they expected because they both looked confused. The almost 18year old leans over to her friend and asks,” Does this elevator only go up and down?”
I know the children are our future, but based on this conversation, I’m scared.

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