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I found the Cadburry bunny!

You know the Cadburry bunny? The one on TV during Easter that clucks like a chicken while it’s little nose goes up and down? Yes? Good, cause I found him!

My husband and I went to the pound to get a dog (he’s adorable and his name is Wilson and he’s also another story) and they were just opening up all the pens for the animals. As we came out of the hallway full of cuddly kittens the first thing I see is a half uncovered bunny hutch. I love bunnies. I had two when I was younger and they were awesome. So I walk up to said bunny hutch and start looking at them. As I look at each of them in their own cage I stop…was that, clucking I heard? Searching for the noise I stop when I think I have located the source. A sweet little black and white flop-eared bunny. His little nose going up and down as he contentedly ate his alfalfa. How did I know he was contented? He was clucking!

I let out an excited squeal and turning to my husband excitedly exclaimed, “I found the Cadburry Bunny!”

Used to these odd outbursts he sighed and said,”What?”

I point excitedly, “I want him! He’s the Cadburry bunny! Listen, he’s clucking!”

At which my husband points to the cage above the bunny. Partially covered by the awning that has yet to be fully removed, is a chicken in a cage.

First of all, who brings a chicken to the pound? Second, why is the chicken with the bunnies? This mix up must happen all the time!

Also, I am an idiot.

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