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Brought to you by the letter B

When EM asked me to write the “forward” for her blog, I have to admit I failed to stifle a giggle. After agonizing over blog names, I feel that the adventure that is creating this blog is just the sort of reason we feel she needs this blog. You see, the strangest things happen to EM every day that truly do not happen to anybody else. That, or she is such a great story teller that one is just left feeling that such things don’t happen to anybody else. Either way, it was time for these capers to be catalogued. Usually, these misadventures are the fault of her big heart, whether that means taking in a cuddly stray dog, helping a friend connect with a family member, or getting a friend a writing gig for the sole purpose of getting that friend tickets to her favorite event.

For your reading pleasure, I give you, Epic Em!

– Bella Rachel

Oh Dear…I hope I live up to the forward


1 thought on “Brought to you by the letter B

  1. All I can say is – it's about time! Your escapades, while not the only reasons you are one of my closest friends, are legendary. I cannot wait to see your creative story-telling at work for all to enjoy. I am only sorry that I did not come up with this idea for you myself.I am working on a piece for my own blog tomorrow, and I will announce your arrival there as well. *hug*Bibliophile Girl 🙂

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